Global REITs for Diversity, Scale & Growth

By Harvest Portfolios Group

Generating income for clients in today’s low interest rate environment can be a challenge for Canadian advisors and their clients. 

Many have invested in real assets through investments in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to generate consistent and growing income streams. There are many factors impacting each of the REIT sub-sectors and local markets in different ways. This coupled with the ever-evolving macro landscape, interest rate environment and timing of the economic cycle, set the backdrop for a timely sector review.

Advisors may be familiar with REITs in Canada, however other developed markets around the world also offer high-quality and high-growth REITs yet have significantly larger scale and are more broadly diversified, both by properties and geography. There are also many real estate sub-sectors that are exposed to themes such as e-commerce, healthcare and technological innovation that are not available or have limited investment options in Canada. Global REITs can offer investors a high-quality solution that diversifies their portfolio in income-producing hard assets and serve to complement existing Canadian real estate holdings.
Tune into the Harvest National Call for a 30-minute presentation.  We will provide detailed information to help advisors understand how to tap into sub-sectors and high-quality REITs with leading growth not available in the Canadian market. 
Harvest is the manager of the Harvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF (TSX: HGR)


  • REITs: Structure & Sub-sector Diversity
  • REITs: Fundamental drivers, historical review & reasons to have a core allocation
  • Global REITs: Scale, Breadth, & Diversity Unavailable in Canada
    • Case Studies: Comparing more familiar domestic positions with lesser known global large caps
    • Harvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF (TSX: HGR)

Global REITs for Diversity, Scale & Growth

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