Demonstrating Your Value in a New Era

By AGF Management Limited

Learn how to communicate your value in an era of insight and perspective.

Clients are seeking greater meaning and purpose now, and, as a result, advisors must learn to have different conversations. Instead of appealing to clients’ intellectual, rational sides with discussions about financial expertise or returns, advisors must connect emotionally. This course will teach you how to have “second-level” conversations with clients to create that meaningful connection.

Leading those conversations starts with embodying a personal message that either challenges or anchors a client’s beliefs. The client then sees new possibilities, and you effectively demonstrate your value.

By taking this course, you’ll learn:

  • the mistakes advisors make when communicating their value
  • the decision-making process clients use to choose an advisor
  • key insights to implement immediately to uncover your personal mission and to have deeper conversations
  • steps to transition form equating returns with value
  • how to quantify and market your value

Sara Gilbert is a credentialed business coach with wealth management designations and certification in neuro-linguistic programming. She helps service-based entrepreneurs transform their businesses by helping them develop a growth mindset, implement efficient processes and execute effective marketing strategies.

Accreditation for this course is pending.

Demonstrating Your Value in a New Era

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