Transforming a portfolio

On Oct 3, 2018, Advisor’s Edge and Investment Executive hosted an ETF Summit to provide much needed clarity on the benefits and challenges of using ETFs. This course is from one of the sessions. To watch the video, please sign up for the complimentary ETF Summit Virtual Conference

Once you are signed-in, visit the Conference and Agenda page to watch the video. Then return to CE Corner to take a quiz and earn your CE credits.

This practical workshop walks you through the investment, rebalancing and taxation implications of adding ETFs to a portfolio while closing out other positions. An in-depth look at the process will leave you with the tools to determine the optimal strategies for your own clients.

Accreditation Details 
The Institute: Practice Behaviours 1.00 credit
IIROC: Professional Development 1.00 credit
Financial Planning Standards Council: Financial Planning 1.00 credit
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